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Indigo is an Asian based production company offering global quality at local rates with a professional approach unsurpassed in the region.
Our roster of award winning international and local directors can deliver on any communication need from traditional television commercials through to music videos, online content, animated content, short, web or feature films.

Indigo Asia Production has a strategic partnership with London powerhouse PI Film Network and Generator. Our shared access to local teams and local rates including a larger pool of directing talent means we can offer better global solutions for our clients.

The Indigo group has offices in Bangkok, London, Prague, Cape Town, Rome, Hamburg and Montevideo. See contact page for details.



Thailand has everything

Already famous for its stunning locations and year round sunshine, at its heart lies a film industry that has grown up into one of the most technically advanced in the world.

But Thailand is not just another low cost winter destination. Bangkok boasts more than thirty film studios, and with great set building, art direction and rigging, our clients enjoy year round service with no hassle and nothing lost in translation. Click on the Facilitation Reel and you will see the likes of Chicken Licken, Danish Lottery, Expedia, Seek, Energy Australia and Piz Buin all enjoying the remarkable experience of filming in Thailand.
Click on our Behind the scenes film Made in Thailand and youll understand why.


Indigo Production (Thailand) Ltd.
9 Dolcharumanee Bldg., 2nd Floor
65 Sukhumvit Rd., Phrakhanong Nua,
Vadhna, Bangkok 10110.
Tel.: +66 2 381 6491

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